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Data Privacy: Why it Matters to your business

Because It’s not just money that makes the world go round…

Your business needs personal data. Whatever it does, whatever its size, whether it’s long-established or new start-up, if you have customers or employees your business needs to use information about them: ‘personal data’. It could be as simple as customer addresses or as complex as detailed behavioural insights or thousands of things in between. Whatever it is, stop for a moment and imagine trying to keep your business going without it, and you’ll see why personal data is one of the most important assets your business has.
You are in the hot seat! Why there’s more at stake than ever before… What’s your brand worth? Don’t gamble with your reputation…

…So Let’s Keep it Simple!

And that’s where we come in. With a 20 year track record of applying Data privacy in everything from global corporations to one-person local businesses, we know a few things. We know that one size definitely doesn’t fit all, that data privacy is not your only - or even your main - concern, and that you need to see real value for every pound you spend. We know what’s a genuine risk and what’s scaremongering. We know that if you don’t understand something your business definitely won’t do it, that you can’t do everything at once and rarely need to, and that there’s never any need to panic. Most of all, we know that in data privacy as in most things in life, it’s best to keep things simple. And that’s what we offer you - clear, simple, practical guidance that works for your business. Choose from our Privacy A la Carte menu, all clearly priced upfront, or our bespoke service, tailored to suit your needs. Like what you hear? Great. Get in touch now!

Privacy Mentors

Yep, it happens. What matters is how you deal with it.

Call in the experts and stop a drama turning into a crisis.

Emergency data breach support package: £1200

The Privacy Doctor will see you now!

With our in-house or online data privacy surgery only

£375, the prognosis is good!

Don’t have your own data protection officer but

could use a little help from time to time?

Our ‘DPO In a Box’ service starts at just £350 per month

Just a few of the things that make Wiseman Data Privacy different

We offer services you need, when you actually need them, clearly priced.

No strings, no hidden charges, no worries. For example:

New for 2021!  Post-lockdown healthcheck only £750   As the world, and your business,  slowly gets  back to ‘normal’, get yourself a little extra reassurance with our data privacy quick healthcheck!                                         new!